We specialize in Tenant Improvement of Cold Storage Warehouses. When it comes to warehousing or stocking items that need to be temperature controlled, we provide service for the whole project. Starting with the plans, design, mechanical calculations, electrical calculations what type of equipment you're going to need or is best suitable for you. We even engineer to capacity the required plumbing that is involved - sprinkler systems and fire protection. Everything is designed to permit specifications. Whether you're a small restauarant or a large warehouse, our tenant improvement services are plan checked until the project is done to success.
We do the whole thing.

From start to finish, we provide the mechanicals, we provide the electrical, we provide the structural. We'll see you through the permit process. We'll see your project to success.
See it through till the job is done. We'll be with you all the way, from planning, thru the permit process, to completion.

Quality, timely work. Because you move at the speed of business, so do we.
Knowledgeable Professionals

Because you require it, the Coldbox team is accomplished all aspects of your project.

Electrical, mechanical, structural engineering... We provide the tenant improvements with design plans approved by the city, health department, and/or any other agency.
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